Friday, March 23, 2012

The Vostok-Europe Gaz-Limo Quartz Chronograph OS22/5611131 a few days in

Okay, I've had a few days to get acquainted with my new friend, and I must say - Spaceba Vostok-Europe!

More than anything else, I am really struck by the finish of this watch.  Let's be very clear, Vostok-Europe is not in the upper-echelons in terms of price.  But having said that, I must say that the finish and attention to detail on the case is really something quite impressive.

And at: 179,00 €  

it is certainly at a price point that most people could afford.  The fit and feel of the watch so far have
been top-notch.  For a less-expensive, quartz piece you might be expecting something that feels light-weight or unsubstantial.  Not so with the  Gaz-Limo Quartz Chronograph!  It sits very well on the wrist and its presence is truly felt on the wrist.  Not overly heavy, but there.

And before I go any further, a big shout-out to the nice folks at  who sent the watch for review!

Vostok europe

So far, the chronograph functions are working flawlessly.   And the finish on the buttons is as good as the case -

More tomorrow - stay tuned!

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