Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something to WRITE about

So to answer the question of a few days ago, what do the Gutenberg press and edelweiss have in common?

I'm glad you asked!  Edelberg is a Swiss manufacturer of fine pens.  The name Edelberg is taken from two icons -
Edel - is from Edelweiss, that oh-so alpine flower that paints the Swiss landscape.  And berg is in tribute to Gutenberg who pioneered modern printing with his press.

The Edelberg pen Company is a family affair, with the Naldi's (father and son) working together to create wonderfully instruments to record your thoughts and dreams.

Above you will see four of the Edelberg pens that caught my eye -

On the left you will see two of the truly wonderful Tachys family.  The Tachys is a more traditional fountain pen.  As the owner of more than a few nice writing tools - this is something beyond a "jotter"!  Beautifully traditional - but this is not your old man's fountain pen!  Modern technique is married to time honored values.

The pens on the right are from the sloop collection.  And I must say, that I'm saving my pennies for this one!  A fantastic pen that is modern without being too futuristic!

But I think what I really like about Edelberg (as if these "dream recorders" weren't enough), is the passion and commitment of both the senior and the younger Naldi!  To see these gentlemen engage with their potential customers is not unlike watching lifelong friends meet for the first time!  The Naldi family truly symbolizes what I often refer to as the "relationship business".

And that relations ship will be carried on from father to son.  Samuel Naldi (pictured above) works closely with his father to ensure that your words will always convey their true feelings from pen to paper.

Check them out for yourself -

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  1. Beautiful pens, and great people behind the brand.