Friday, March 30, 2012

The PR All-Stars of Basel 2012 - Madina Maglione

This is Madina Maglione of Linde Werdelin.  She is an ALL STAR and a true PR Hero.  You may recall my postings last year of heros and villains?  Madina is far and away a true HERO!  Knowledgeable, witty and speaking better English than yours' truly!  Madina is amazing!  Basel is a frustrating 8 - 9 days, and Madina was more than up to the task!  If the whole PR thing doesn't work out, watch brands will be clamoring for her services as either a rep or a trainer.  She has a way of explaining even complicated functions in such a way that you feel as if you were listening to your favorite teacher - and that you were the best student - yes, she is that good!

Fellow bloggers and writers out there - if you are not on her mailing list - RUN - don't walk - RUN to get on it!  

Madina had some challenging (you never call a woman's footwear big) shoes to fill at Linde Werdelin, and she is doing amazing work!

Madina Maglione - remember that name - I suspect that it is a name you will be hearing more and more from!

She is a HERO!


  1. I love to read this, years after leaving the watch industry! Thank you so much for those words : )...How are you doing??

    1. All is well, and hopefully with you too!