Monday, March 26, 2012

A Grand Day Out - Part 5

So what does it take to work for Girard-Perregaux?  Willy gave me a good idea about this after visiting the first display room.

Inside the JeanRichard museum, there is a training center.  And this is not just any sort of training center, this is the place where all new Girard-Perregaux/JeanRichard team members "cut their teeth"before joining the team.  I asked Willy if this was just new watch makers, and he assured me that no, in fact all of the GP/JR team spend a few days "at the bench".  I was a bit befuddled by this, so he explained - and again I am going from memory - "how can we expect sales and marketing people to talk about our watches if they don't understand how they are made?"

Thanks to a right hand bent and warped from a cycling accident, I strongly suspect I will never be sitting in one of these hallowed seats.  And the setting is just beyond belief.  Clean, airy and... perfect.  And while I realize that it is a training center/workshop - it is in such a wonderfully beautiful space.  For lack of a better right "paw"I'd be in there.  I asked Willy how Dimitra from Public Relations did - and apparently she passed with flying colors!   This is a state of the art training center - the computer age meeting the hand-crafts.

This is truly the "Dream Factory".  

One more entry - stay tuned!

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