Friday, March 23, 2012

A "First Night" at the ochsenspace

It is good to have friends!  I consider Beat Weinmann a friend, and despite knowing me for over a year, he still invited me to the "First Night" of the ochsenspace as "supper club".

Photo courtesy of Bea Weinmann
A fantastic meal was enjoyed and more friends were made!  If your travels ever take you to Lucerne, make a point of dropping by, having an espresso, and making some new friends.
Photo courtesy of Bea Weinmann
Lea Montini led the crew in the open kitchen and prepared a first class meal.  Lea is working hard to bring the concept of "pop-up" dining to Switzerland - and hopefully to Santa Barbara - we have a spare room for you when you come!


Thank you Beat, Bea, Lea and everyone!  Here's to the ochsenspace!

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