Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Military Chrono

From Anonimo -

Courtesy of Anonimo
As the new Swiss Anonimo continues forward, they also seem to be getting their style grammar down.  Let's hope it continues.  Thousands of Anonimistis past, present and future are ready for an Anonimo prepared to go the distance.

Here are the pertinents -

Stainless Steel

Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Small seconds at 3 o’clock 30 minutes counter at 9 o'clock

Mohawk maracca leather, handmade in Italy

Push Buttons
Stainless steel push button with DLC

Sellita SW300 equipped with a Dubois Dépraz 2035M chronograph module, developed exclusively for ANONIMO Automatic winding Power reserve 42 hours Glass case back ‘Côtes de Genève’ decorated oscillating weight Swiss Made

Black dial


Pin buckle


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Big Bang Calaveras

From Hublot -

Courtesy of Hublot
Rather appropriate as Dia de los Muertos approaches, Hublot has brought out three rather unique takes on a time-only Big Bang.

Courtesy of Hublot
Calavera is Spanish for skull, which is the theme that drives the design of this particular series.

Courtesy of Hublot

There will be 20 pieces in steel, 30 in ceramic, and 10 in red gold.  And this makes A LOT of sense.  An interesting, yet highly limited series that is bound to create desire - which will also create a sense of urgency among collectors.  Very well done Hublot

All three models measure 44 mm in diameter, and have the
HUB1401 caliber under the hood.  This is Hublot's self-winding, manufacture movement, which boasts 42 hours of power reserve.

And even the strap is quite interesting - black rubber engraved with an MEX17 logo.

It looks as if Hublot has turned a trick into a treat, so if you've got the means, get on to your Hublot dealer now to reserve one.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Three People Who Should Be Brand Ambassadors

But probably never will be.

I thought I'd put the idea out there and make sure that I forward it to all of the brand directors, PR managers and CEOs out there and let whoever is interested pick up the idea and run with it.

For the record, I was born in 1968.  It was a tumultuous year around the world, but particularly in the US.  And it was also the year of the Mexico City Olympics.  And what I have always remembered Mexico City for was the brave actions of three men -

The three men were Tommie Smith of the USA (center, gold medal winner), John Carlos of the USA (far right, bronze medal winner), and Peter Norman of Australia (far left, silver medal winner).  You will also notice a white badge on all three of the medalist's jackets.  No, that is not an IOC insignia ; )
I am going to quote from a story that I found in Word The Soul Of Urban Culture:
Riccardo Gazzaniga

Norman was a white man from Australia, a country that had strict apartheid laws, almost as strict as South Africa. There was tension and protests in the streets of Australia following heavy restrictions on non-white immigration and discriminatory laws against aboriginal people, some of which consisted of forced adoptions of native children to white families.

The two Americans had asked Norman if he believed in human rights. Norman said he did. They asked him if he believed in God, and he, who had been in the Salvation Army, said he believed strongly in God. “We knew that what we were going to do was far greater than any athletic feat, and he said “I’ll stand with you” – remembers John Carlos – “I expected to see fear in Norman’s eyes, but instead we saw love.”

Smith and Carlos had decided to get up on the stadium wearing the Olympic Project for Human Rights badge, a movement of athletes in support of the battle for equality.
And spoiler alert - so did Mr. Norman.

For Smith and Carlos the consequences were predictable, and horrific.  But interesting to relate, there were parallel forces at work to make sure that Mr. Norman was punished as well.  For all intents and purposes, his track and field career was over before it ever really began.

The bond between these three amazing men carried on well beyond the Olympics.  Tommie Smith and John Carlos were pallbearers at Peter Norman's funeral when he passed, before his time, in 2006.

Here's the thing -
I know that we are living in what could politely be described as "tempestuous times".  I know that for watch brands it is easy to go with a teen idol, actress or someone guaranteed not to stir the pot.  But then again, there are brands that will partner with individuals who do horrible things, solely to get their name a little more airtime.  So if that type of controversy is acceptable, surely this is a bit more noble.

This upcoming year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Mexico City Olympics.  An Olympic games that kicked the door open on racism, human rights and demonstrated what true faith, trust and love could accomplish.  Moreover, it demonstrated that membership on a team was not determined by the country that issued your passport.  It was determined by what was in your heart.

So I'll put it out there - Omega, Hublot, or frankly anyone else interested in sharing a story about people coming together through sport to do something important - this is your opportunity.  The 50th anniversary of a true brotherhood, forged by unlikely members, defeating hate.

I can't think of three more fitting ambassadors for a watch company.  So, to the gentleman making these decisions in Switzerland -

Who's in?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Something New from F.P. Journe

This is Chronomètre Holland & Holland. Although I personally am not a big fan of shotguns and other "shooting irons", I will say that having taken the time to dig into the details on this watch and how it came to be?  It is a partnership in this limited series that does actually make some sense.

And it is a pretty swell watch -

Courtesy of F.P. Journe
The dial is crafted from the barrels of two guns belonging to gunsmith Holland & Holland's archive.  These barrels were crafted from Damascus steel.  It was clearly a true collaboration, with Holland and Holland cutting the barrels, sending the material to F.P. Journe who then had their dial makers, “Les Cadraniers de Genève” create the dials.  These dials were then sent back to Holland & Holland for a technique known (apparently) as "browning" or "being browned".  This technique apparently highlights and protects the finish of the Damascus steel.

The result is a truly unique and good looking watch.

Courtesy of F.P. Journe
And it is truly unique and limited, and if you want to get one?  Well, just as not everybody gets to go to Harvard, if you want one of these very unique F.P. Journes, you'll have to apply.  Here are the details, straight from the source -

The exclusive Limited Series

The two antique Holland & Holland barrels, bearing the serial numbers 1382 (38 dials) and 7183 (28 dials), only allowed for the making of dials that will never exist in any other watch. The Chronomètre Holland & Holland is accessible to F.P. Journe and Holland & Holland collectors through an application process.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Attn: PR Offices -

Consider just who you are sending a press release BEFORE you hit send.

So interesting to relate, a fairly large brand sent me a breathless press release regarding how honored they were to be displaying their wares at Worn and Wound's "Wind Up" event!
(I guess their check cleared)


They felt quite confident that my readers would enjoy reading this news!
So I went ahead and sent them back a press release about one of their competitors.
It's been silent from them ever since, but I'm still not sure if they got it.