Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Cost of Coverage

As many regular readers know, I work on behalf of several watch brands in various areas, including marketing and media.  For some brands, that means reaching out to my colleagues in the fourth and fifth estate and sending press releases and updates.  And I had rather a curious experience yesterday.  After sending a press release nearly a week ago, I got back a rate sheet!  For those not familiar, allow me to inform you that a rate sheet is a document sent by a publication (both print and digital) that breaks down the "rates" for advertising.  Curious to relate, this rate sheet was not for advertising, but rather for having a story appear in their publication.

I am a reasonable guy, and I know that in this revived time of self/  reinvention there are a lot of folks out there feverishly working to construct a new career for themselves.  And to be clear, I am all in favor of entrepreneurs and people launching new businesses.  But here is where the line becomes blurred.  When you visit a site, buy a magazine, or pop over to a blog you are doing so because you are seeking an opinion.  And it used to be that there was a certain degree of pride that a journalist, writer, pundit would take in having THEIR OWN OPINION and not being fearful about sharing it.  

But, alas, that type of "daring-do" seems to have gone the way of a free press. 
As I was reminded yesterday, there is no shortage of people and outlets ready to accept coin of the realm in exchange for singing a brand's praises.  And I guess maybe that is the way the world works.  But it makes it harder and harder for a customer, enthusiast or novice to understand if they are really getting an honest opinion or not.

So, gentle reader, I promise you we will continue to keep it 100 here at Tempus Fugit (per the Urban Dictionary - To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. AKA "Keep it Real" or be honest with youself as well as others.
Used the same as "on the strength", "on my Momma", "swear to God", "real talk", "on everything I Love" and of course "Keep it 100").  And brand managers and owners? You don't have to PAY ME to cover you.  And the kicker?  There are hundreds of other folks out there that you don't have to pay either!

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Lab 01

From Milus -

Courtesy of Milus 
This is one of the three model families introduced by the newly revitalized Milus during BaselWeek at The HYPE this past March.
Courtesy of Milus
This is, to my way of thinking, a pretty cool departure from the norm, and what is expected.  Most brands will make a brass dial, paint it and call it done.  Even when they go for some "effects" the effects are really more "affectation".  The dial is of fiberglass!  Think about that for a moment!  

I am a guy trapped in three different periods.  I am a huge fan of Bauhaus, but also of mid-century modern (Eames, et. al.) Atomic Ranch sensibilities.  BUT... I am somewhat partial to things that work well, in a modern context, without needing constant repair and attention.  The Lab 01 ticks all of those boxes for me!
Courtesy of Milus

It is available in three different color ways - light grey (above), dark grey and blue.  Having seen them all in person?  They are dope!  And at a suggested retail price of CHF 990?  C'mon, you can't beat that with a stick!

The case measures 40 mm, and is polished stainless steel. Hours, minutes and seconds, the movement is Sellita's SW200.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Shell Star Automatic

From Delma -

Courtesy of Delma
For those readers here in the US, unless you are planning a trip to Toronto, Jamaica or ports farther afield?  Well let's just say you are not likely to run across this wrist rocket.  And that's a shame.  Delma makes some cool shit.  And the Shell star is certainly cool.

44 mm, stainless steel case.  Unidirectional divers bezel, blue aluminum.  The movement is the ETA 2824-2.  Water resistant to 500 meters.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Introducing Allemano

Now in fairness, you may already be acquainted.  But something new for me was found deep in the bowels of the less-than-fancy section of Hall 1  -

Courtesy of Allemano
Allemano.  And if you're scratching your head as you read this, you are not alone.  But I have to be honest, it kinda' caught my attention.

Allemano started out life as something quite different.  How different?  Well, you know that expression "all roads lead to Rome"?  Well, I can't speak to a Roman destination, but I can tell you that Allemano originally manufactured the machines that flatten the tarmac when roads are created, and here in the Northeast, repaired.

Courtesy of Allemano
From road work, the company went into gauges for cars, airplanes, and even wrist-bound depth gauges.  So the jump to watches is not as random as you might think.

Per the info I have received, the watches are assembled in Italy, using Swiss movements.

There are three models families, the one featured in this post is called, MAN.  No, I am not kidding ; ) 

Courtesy of Allemano

 It is available antique white (above), and black -

Courtesy of Allemano
The movement is hand-wound, and provides the basis for a regulator set-up with small seconds at 6 o'clock.

Courtesy of Allemano
Pretty basic, but then again, this is not a watch claiming to be something that it is not.  

Like I said, kinda' digging this one!

For those of you interested in such things, here are the pertinents, straight from Allemano -

44 mm
All 316L Stainless steel with sandblasted, brushed, polished finish
5 ATM water-resistant
Sapphire crystal case front and back

Swiss made manual movement
Functions: center hours hand, retrograde minutes hand at 12 o’clock, small seconds hand at 6 o’clock
21600 A/h frequency 

48 hours autonomy

Antique white or black
Traced serial number 

Matt black and red or matte rose gold and red 

Brown or black soft premium Italian leather
Steel buckle paired with the finish of the case 


Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear"ReSec"

From Chronoswiss -

courtesy of Chronoswiss
This was previewed at BaselWorld, but my understanding from Chronoswiss HQ is that is now ready for "prime time".

The case measures 44 mm in diameter, and is of stainless steel with a DLC coating.  The movement is referenced as the Chronoswiss caliber C. 301 which is automatic.

The design is a big point, and an inspiration for the name, Open Gear "ReSec".  In their own words -

The refined Open Gear construction makes the regulator mechanism a main design element. It is put into the spotlight at the face of the dial, where the train wheel bridges in charge of the off-centre hour display were skilfully skeletonized and screwed firmly to the dial, which in turn becomes part of the movement. The eponymous retrograde seconds hand sweeps along the tracks of a 120 degree scale and every 30 seconds jumps back to the start in a trice.

Limited to just 50 pieces.