Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Get Your Hands on This

From Limes -

Courtesy of Limes
With some of my colleagues doing a very interesting write up of another Limes model, I was reminded of one of my personal favorites.  Apologies in advance because I wrote about this little buzzer several years back, but it still speaks to me.

This is the Pharo Handwound . SI.LS 

A beautifully simple hand winding model with sub seconds at 6 o'clock and a power reserve indicator in the upper left.  

Nothing radical, just clear legibility on a nicely finished dial with a hand-winding movement.

Courtesy of Limes
 Thank you Limes for reminding us that restraint is a good thing, and that simple doesn't mean dumb, it means elegant.

And at a price of €1,220.00 (including VAT) you can have a very elegant watch without breaking the bank.

Here are the pertinents -

Technical details
Movement Decorated Swiss hand wound movement ETA 7001 TOP with power reserve, small second at 6h, blued stainless steel screws, Geneva stripes and Perlage, LIMES logo
Watch case ICKLER made stainless steel case, polished, diameter 40,5mm, thickness 9,2mm, curved sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, sapphire display back, crown with Ickler logo, waterresistant 5 ATM
Dial Silvered dial with Clou-de-Paris and Sunray Guilloché patterns, applied indices
Hands Silvered lancet hands
Band Black Brown leather, width 20mm, wrist size: 18 - 22cm

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The House of Hayek...

Might about to be plundered.

A few others closer to the situation in Biel/Bienne have already commented in greater depth and detail, but something a wee-bit unusual was taking place in Hayek-Land yesterday.  Per Business Montres the share price had been up as much as 5% before trading closed.  But more interesting was what Business Montres reported as an increase in trade volume of 77%. 

The value of pretty much any watch brand right now is questionable, so for the small, individual investor you might be better off sticking your money in your mattress or under the floorboards.  I am no economist, but I have a difficult time believing that a large number of individuals would suddenly decide to purchase shares in SWATCH Group (or frankly any watch group) right now.  The sales continue to be poor, more brands and suppliers are on the cusp of insolvency, and it does not show any real sign of improvement.  For the individual investor it would be as sensible as taking bundles of cash and flushing them down the toilet.

But as I might have mentioned last night, what if there were some sort of "nudge" operating within the watch industry advising some major investment firms who DO NOT normally invest in things like the watch industry that perhaps, maybe, now might be the time?  This could not be some anonymous analyst sitting in the bowels of a Swiss bank.  No, this would be someone well-known, well-connected, someone whose voice would carry some weight and veracity when speaking with friends in Texas or the Silicon Valley.  Moreover someone that the investment firms could turn to to shepherd a transition.  Someone who has proven themselves, been around the block.  To quote a colleague, someone who did not magically achieve their position as a result of being born out of the same gene pool as the boss.

A few of us have our theories as to who this might be,  and for now they remain just that - theories.  And maybe, just maybe this is all a strange coincidence and those of us who have been kicking this theory around are merely looking for a story that isn't there.

Yes, a coincidence.

But the older I get, the less I believe in coincidence.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Stranger Things Have Happened

So it has been an interesting few weeks.  A few shit-cannings here and there, followed by silence that has been deafening.  One brand showed the door to someone who was lauded in virtually messianic language in several well-planted puff pieces back in the spring. Did things go that far south that quickly?  Of course not.  Things were never that good, but the belief of the puppeteers pulling the strings was and continues to be that so long as you keep telling people everything is great, they will not only believe it, but it will magically become so.  This now former executive is now having his mail forwarded to the labor exchange.

There seems to be no hesitation on the part of some to claim all of the glory, and to use the type of misdirection that Harry Houdini would have been proud of.  But misdirection is one thing, what about complete and total lack of attention?  Now while it is true that we are all curious about the little independent brands getting gobbled up or going broke perhaps there is another, potentially  more ominous reality -
What if, (and hey, we're just spit-balling here), but what if an investment group / fund with very deep pockets were to, I don't know, start acquiring a bunch of stock of a group?  Do the current stewards of these groups have money?  Sure.  Do they have enough to prevent something like this from happening?  No they do not.  And although they may currently have voting seats now, all it will take is a motivated investor to buy up enough shares and insist on representation on the board and in management.  And then there will be some very well-heeled former executives joining their aforementioned colleague picking up their mail at the labor exchange.

So we will see what develops, but there are more than a few rumors that a certain someone might be behind the curtain, whispering into the ears of certain Texans and residents of the Silicon Valley regarding potential investment opportunities in a different valley across the Atlantic.

As always, we shall wait, and we shall see.

An SIHH Preview from Baume & Mercier

This is the Clifton GMT Power Reserve -

Courtesy of Baume & Mercier

Here are the pertinents, straight from Baume & Mercier HQ -



Automatic (Soprod 9035)
Oscillating weight personalized
with snailed & « Côtes de Genève » decors
Circular-grained bridges & plate
Blued steel screws
Jewels: 28
Power reserve: 42 hours
Frequency: 4Hz (28’800 vph)


Hours, minutes, seconds, dual time, power reserve indicator, date


Diameter: 43 mm
Polished & satin-finished steel
ƒDomed antiglare scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ƒ Sapphire case back secured with 4 screws

Sun satin-finished blue
ƒRhodium-plated Arabic numerals and indexes ƒ Rhodium-plated hands

Square scales black alligator CLASP
Adjustable triple folding clasp with security push-pieces

5 ATM (approx. 50m)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Some Changes

As was announced here before, but as a friendly reminder, Tempus Fugit has stopped accepting paid advertising.  On January 1st two of the remaining three side banner ads will be removed, with the third side banner being removed at the end of February.

The top banner will be available, but not in the traditional sense of advertising.  A portion of the fee for the top banner will go to Tempus Fugit, the balance will be donated by the brand to a charity of the brand's choosing.  The idea is to encourage brands to make meaningful contributions to charitable work, and for Tempus Fugit to help spread the word about that.

The Bell & Ross clock will also remain because I personally feel that it adds a unique feature that readers enjoy.

But needless to say, Tempus Fugit has now gotten to the point where it is a bit too expensive to run without some sort of assistance, and as I am trying to move away from paid advertising I am going to go with a bit of a PBS approach.  To that end I have created a Pay Pal link that is located directly under the Bell & Ross clock on the right hand side of the page:

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Not to worry, Tempus Fugit will still be free for you to read, enjoy, criticize, print out and line your cat box with ; )

But if you do enjoy it and wish to make a small $5.00 donation, well that's fine too!

Enjoy your watches!